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In this article I will guide you through how to fish for Chinook and Coho salmon. Fishing for these types of fish are perfect for Oregon. There oregon fishing trips can be reserved with all the equipment. Northwest Guide Services which is a fishing company in Oregon offers a guide that comes with a full tackle box and professional fisher. Captain Larry Page will show you the best areas to catch the Chinook and Coho salmon. The oregon fishing guide will ensure your safety and all times and make sure you are always comfortable. You will need a fishing license in order to fish. If not this would be considered a rogue river fishing guide. Find out more at NK Fishing Guides.

The King Salmon can be fished in the Oregon and Columbia coastline rivers. This is the best place other than some rivers in Alaska. In these rivers you can catch Chinook and King Salmon that weigh 60 pounds or Coho and Silver Salmon up to 25 pounds. The weight of these fish make them great sport fish due to their aggressive nature. Chinook Salmon are the largest of salmon. The features of these fish are their size and having white flesh versus red. Run timing for these fish common in these fish but depend on the water level and temperature. The run usually begins in September and the peak time is the last week of September and first of October.

The equipment to catch these fish is rather long. The type of rod that is needed must measure 10’6 to 11′ in a medium to medium heavy action. Reels needed are a 30-50 pound braided line or a 20-25 pound monofilament. The weight of the float should vary between 25-30 grams and at sometimes even greater than 40 grams depending on the situation. The swivel needed is anywhere in the range from a 10-8 barrel or crane swivel. When choosing your leader line do not by shy to add the weight. Use a fluorocarbon leader it will have the right weight. This should be in the range of 15-25 pounds. Hooks are very important when dealing with this powerful fish the recommend hooks are Gamakatsu or Owner octopus bait. The best bait are prawns or cocktail shrimps.

This fish is extremely fun to hunt because when they bite you better be ready otherwise they are taking your rod with them. The feeling once you have wrangled them in is purely satisfying. When you bring in that 60 pound monster and see that you just wrestled this fish to exhaustion. Salmon fishing also comes with joy of eating that delicious fish that everyone craves. Fishing in Oregon has many great areas that are family friendly and that everyone can enjoy. The lush beautiful state of Oregon is great for scenery and fishing.

The Columbia River during spring is the season for the Silver Salmon which are the ones that weigh about 25-30 pounds the season starts in February and ends in June. The season for the King Salmon which are the ones that can reach weights up to 60 pounds starts August 1st. If you want to guarantee a catch and are not an expert fisher there are many guides who can show you and guarantee a catch.

Knowing when the runs are at the peak is the most crucial part for fishing these salmon. Also having the correct equipment that was listed above. All of this will ensure a great time and many fish caught. I highly recommend fishing the Columbia River it is always a great time and the fish are always biting. Remember that you must have a fishing license to fish and if a ranger finds that you are fishing without a license it will result in a fine. Fishing for the little ones is not recommended due to the power of these fish. They are heavy and they tug and give you a run for your money. Ages of 13 or higher are for this type of fishing.

The best place to fish for salmon is in Anchorage, Alaska. This place has the largest number of wild salmon in the months of July to September. The Atlantic waters are the best for salmon fishing due to the cool waters. I hope this article was helpful and that you learned how and where to salmon fish. Oregon offers great rivers to fish salmon and during high time in the run season there are many rivers that will be guaranteed a fun trip.